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Start generating your own energy


What are the advantages of self-consumption?


    You can reduce your bill up to 70% by producing your own energy and the surplus compensation.


    You will help healing the planet by reducing up to 80 tons of CO2 in 25 years, the equivalent to planting 320 trees.


    You can reduce the cost of the solar system through subsidies and property tax local reductions.

We take care of all the paperwork needed for your solar power system

We solve every doubt about self-consumption and we analyze your situation in order to offer you a 100% custom solution.
We design a budget with the best qualities and the lowest prices in the market. We work with every brand of panels and inverters you may need.
Forget all the paperwork. Forget all the paperwork. We take care of carrying out the reporting and requesting of licenses needed for your photovoltaic solar system.
We are a qualified team, greatly experienced in self-consumption systems. Everything will be set and ready for you to produce your own energy.
We issue the needed certificates and follow the procedures to legalize the system within the respective authorities and the electricity provider.
We manage the surplus rates with your electricity provider so you can increase your savings on your electricity bill.

We adapt to the type of PV system you need

Where there's Sun, there's energy. Make the most of it!



Increase your monthly savings thanks to the surpluses compensation up to reducing to zero the cost of electricity.


Apartment Blocks

Reduce the overall cost of electricity in your community and even the individual tenants bills with shared self-consumption.



If you own a company you can save up to 70% in the cost of electricity, thus increasing your earnings.


Grid Independent

For homeowners willing to detach themselves grom the grids using their own PV system with solar batteries.

We are professional fitters


Each and every of our installations is carried out by our
own staff. We have qualified professionials specialized
in photovoltaic systems. The entire process is 100%
Kaylon, both at a technical and administrative level.

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    *The given prices, production and savings are estimates.
    For more exact data and information please contact us.

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    "Solar friend" promotion

    For each friend, neighbor or family member you bring we will reward you with €100 on your installation bill. It is a cumulative promotion so you can bring as many friends as you want and for each one we will apply a bonus of €100. The due date to bring them is from the signing of the contract until two months after said signing. In addition, we will reward the person you bring with €100 on their bill as well.


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    Frequently asked questions

    What power do I need for my  photovoltaic system?

    The power you need for a photovoltaic installation must be in accordance with your average consumption, which is usually lower than the contracted power. Over-sizing of the system of solar panels will lengthen the years of depreciation it will take to make it profitable. We also have to take into account other factors: orientation of the photovoltaic installation, shadows from buildings, trees, chimneys.

    What is surplus compensation and how much do I get paid?

    All the excess energy generated by your installation and not consumed will be fed into the electrical grid. The provider company will compensate you approximately between €0.04Kw and €0.06Kw. And all the produced and self-consumed energy, by not needing energy from the marketer, will be saving you between €0.12Kw and €0.16Kw. We must bear in mind that these savings are up to €0, we won't get monetary profit from it. This is why we advise you to set a system with the power we will consume during daylight hours.

    Is it desirable to fit solar panels with batteries?

    Currently, batteries are expensive and do not have the same efficiency lifespan as the rest of the installation. As technology is constantly evolving, we recommend waiting for their prices to drop and their quality to increase.

    What is the inverter and what power is it suitable to install?

    The inverter converts the CC energy generated by the solar panels into AC energy used in our home. This inverter must have a power similar to the total power installed with the panels. We must also bear in mind if we plan to expand the amount of panels; we can have a more powerful inverter already prepared or install the new panels with microinverters.

    How is the needed maintenance of my photovoltaic panels?

    Maintenance is very simple, so it is important that you take good care of your photovoltaic system. If dust or snow covers the panels, you can remove it with water or a brush, without using metal elements that could scratch and damage the panels' surface.

    Is it necessary to apply for a permit to install solar panels?

    This type of system is an exterior alteration of the building and it is mandatory to request permission from your town hall. This procedure could take between 15 days and several months to be granted. Do not worry, we take care of all the necessary paperwork.

    Are there subsidies for photovoltaic self-consumption installations?

    Currently in Spain, the grants depend on each Autonomous Community, but they usually have a limit on applications and they run out quickly. But there are also tax reductions in some districts that can reduce the installation cost of up to 50%.

    What kind of warranty do solar panels include?

    Depending on the brand of solar panels, we find between 12 and 25 years manufacturing guarante. This type of warranty covers manufacturing defects and not other types of damage, so we always recommend contracting external insurance for the installation.

    What is the price of a self-consumption photovoltaic system?

    The price of a photovoltaic system installation depends on many factors, the amount and power of panels, the inverter power, manufacturers, structures, monitors, etc. Approximately the cost is usually around €2,500.

    How much will I save with a system of photovoltaic panels?

    The savings you can achieve with a photovoltaic installation is between 40% and 80% of your monthly electricity bill.